Destiny Ranch Beef Sales

The Destiny Ranch Family

Nestled in the frontier region of Oklahoma, Destiny Ranch is a family operation. 

Established in 1995, the ranch resulted from the vision of family patriarch William Payne.  Having had years of experience off-shore, Bill wanted a ranch folks could be proud of and land they could work.  Recently, he started a successful heifer operation, which produces seed-stock for the commercial operation.

Today, all family members are involved, if only occasionally, and the ranch remains a true family business.

With three grandchildren, the ranch has become a place of true exploration and learning.  The children from ages 6-13, gain valuable time with Karen & Bill as well as learn life long lessons in husbandry, native grasses and real work. 

There is also plenty of time for fun at Destiny Ranch ~ and everyone get's in on the FUN!