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Destiny Ranch will be holdinga Soil Health and Grazing Management Field Day on Monday, August 28, 2017 from 10:00am-3:00pm (lunch provided). It is free to the public and lunch will be served beginning at 11:30.

The fall grazing clinic will predominately cover soil health.  Participants will get first hand knowledge on creating a grazing management plan and using small paddocks for rotational grazing.  After lunch, topics will include assessing soil health with simple tools and plant identification and impacts on soil biology and grazing management.  

This grazing workshop is open to the public and will assist in developing grazing management strategies to enhance ecological and economic sustainability.

This grazing clinic is sponsored by the Konawa Conservation District and the Oklahoma Conservation Commission and will be held at Destiny Ranch, located 3 miles south of Saint Louis.  

Participants must register by contacting

580-925-3117 or 580-763-4360

by 8/25/2017

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Destiny Ranch utilizes intensive grazing management with continuous movement of cattle onto fresh growth forage at the highest protein and nutrient levels. The paddocks can be easily accessed from the cattle receiving working area and holding pens. There are allyways or distribution lanes across the property to facilitate cattle movements to each area as the different forages are available. The ranch utilizes over 40 miles of single wire electric fencing for perimeters and an additional 12 miles of poly wire to control smaller grazing areas.

Our main forage is native grass and will be the greatest source of grazing for the stocker operation and will require larger numbers of stocker cattle for a short duration during the growth season of April, May, and June. There are 80 acreas of Bermuda grass for late summer and to transition groups of cattle from one area to another. Winter grazing is on stock piled native grass grown during the late summer months and back grazed therefore little or no hay is used for the stocker operations during the winter months. The past 3 years the ranch has stockpiled sufficient forage to backgraze 240 head of 450-650 pound stocker cattle during the winter months.

Destiny Ranch uses fresh well water for the cattle operations. At no time do our cattle drink from or come in contact with pond water. Pasture water piping has been installed on over 50% of the ranch and the areas without piped water the ranch has trailers to haul water to the remote areas. Water is hauled daily to the grazing areas without permanent water stations. Clean short distance to source of water is important to increasing and maintaining gain and herd health. 

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