National Grasslands Abstract 2018 ~ Abstract presented in Reno, December 2018, at the National Grasslands Convention. 

A weapon against climate change featured on eniday

When people think about the impact of agriculture on climate change, they mostly think about the methane given off by livestock…  Numerous studies have shown that specific soil management practices reduce atmospheric carbon by capturing and retaining it in the soil. Read the whole article HERE.  

Rotational Grazing~ an overview on our grazing program.

Recently, we were approached at the Norman Farmer's Market by a graduate student, John Hamlin to be part of his final media project.  After several interviews John put this video together for his grade.  We hope he did outstanding, we certainly like the video and thank him for choosing us and Aurora Restaurant for being kind in letting John film there also.  

New rules on the range: Long-term drought drives need for planning

The Journal Record, Story by Sarah Terry-Como, March 2014

Oklahoma City Marathon

Destiny Ranch was at the 2016 Oklahoma City Marathon Registration / Expo Center.  The booth allowed us to share information on our local beef to thousands of runners and walkers.  Look for information on future event dates soon.  

Fields of Dreams

Great Plains Living (Great Plains Kubota)

Story by Reed Boettcher, Summer 2013

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From the Ranch

Good Grass as featured in Great Plains Living

Great Plains Living is the official magazine of Great Plains Kubota, your Oklahoma Kubota dealer.  In Great Plains Living you will find informative and entertaining information about the rural areas in which we live.  In the Spring 2017 issue, find an article on Good Grass.  

Destiny Ranch Beef Sales

Electric Fencing ~ a guide to answer common questions about a single polywire fence for cattle containment.  

In July, 2018 a nomination was submitted to the Oklahoma Conservation Commission for the Leopold Conservation Award.  The award celebrates land stewardship and the hard work it takes to enhancing our environment.  While we won't know the outcome of that nomination, we are very proud to share our responses to the in depth and detailed application.  Read more about how we care for and maintain the land we are so proud of HERE.

Fulfilling Their Destiny

Noble Foundation helps couple fulfill lifelong dream

Story by Baxter Steward,  Winter 2013