Destiny Ranch stocker cattle are purchased and sold in uniform lots of 70-80 head. These lots are never commingled and are grazed on native range from 400 to 650 pounds. Generally there are 3 groups or lots on the ranch all year which allows us the ability to purchase and sell truck load lots each month. Our goal is to market uniform lots of pre-worked Continental bred cattle utilizing the beef Quality Assessment program to ensure the quality of the beef marketed meets the requirements for, pre conditioning, vaccinations and source traceability. 

The high intensity grazing management allows the stocker program to have gains of over 2 pounds per day on native grasses. 

Destiny Ranch cow calf operation provides the cattle for the retail and on the hoof sales to our clients for farm raised fresh beef products. 

The ranch operates with 99 head of Hereford cows bred to Angus bulls which provides the ranch with Hereford Angus cross cattle or sometimes referred to as black baldies.

These cattle are born and raised on the ranch grazing native grasses and are packaged at a local state inspected plant with the Destiny Ranch label.  Destiny Ranch is licensed to sell beef at retail from the ranch or in local towns within Oklahoma plus we still sell beef by the quarter, half or full on the hoof as requested. The Hereford/Angus genetics attains premium and upper choice grade beef quality consistency for marbling, tenderness, flavor and customer overall eating satisfaction. 

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