Recipes from the Ranch

Find helpful recipes, time saving tips and useful meal preparation ideas from our family to yours!  *Please note, not all of these recipes are created by our family.  We, just like every one of you, search up amazing things in cookbooks and the internet.  We do give credit to our source and we have tried the recipes we drop here!  ENJOY.  

So many uses for ground beef ~ have you tried it in soup?  Here is a soup recipe that feeds many and uses "pantry staples".  Our daughter discovered this recipe and it is a family favorite!  ​John Elway Hamburger Soup

Shared in Great Plains Living, the Kubota Magazine.  

Corned Beef

Many members of our family are sensitive to preservatives, colors and solutions in and on food products.  Enjoying "traditional" meals is often challenging.  Our oldest daughter came across this recipe last March for corned beef.  She found all the ingredients, sat our 1/4 brisket in the brine for 4 days and slow cooked it.  This is a recipe worth having!!  Find the recipe HERE.

Shared by a customer, this Braised Short Rib recipe uses 2 pounds of beef short ribs.  

Everyone is super busy and needs good food quickly.  Put this in your slow cooker and have dinner ready.  Perfect for large groups ~ increase or decrease roast size.  Freeze leftovers for another meal!

3-4 pound Pikes Peak or Chuck Roast

BBQ sauce of your choice (we use STUBB'S)

Salt (to taste)

Pepper (to taste)

Garlic (to taste)

1 generous teaspoon brown sugar

3 -10 flakes red pepper (optional)

1 Small Onion diced

Gently place the roast in the slow cooker and generously dump on remaining ingredients.  The roast should be nicely covered with BBQ sauce.  Turn on the cooker and let cook slowly for 4-7 hours or until it pulls apart (cooking times vary depending on machine and size of roast).  

Serve with additional BBQ sauce on buns, bread or just on a plate!  ENJOY. 

BBQ Beef (use Pike or Chuck Roast)

From Shelly's Kitchen (the oldest daughter)

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