Stocker Program

Destiny Ranch Beef Sales

Cattle are purchased in groups of 80-100 head weighing 400-450 pounds grazed on native grasses for approximately 90-100 days. Cattle are sold at 650 pounds and generally gain over 2 pounds per day. The gain of over 2 pounds per day allows more cattle to grade high choice and premium during harvest. The stocker cattle are marketed directly to the feed lot sector, on occasion truck loads are sold in the Oklahoma City livestock market. Call for current pricing and available cattle.

The cow herd is primarily used for producing beef for the retail sales.  The calves are grouped by size and sex and grazed on native grasses.  The heifer calves of better than average quality are sold as replacement breeding stock as are the upper quality bull calves. Portions of these born on the ranch cattle are retained on the ranch until they are of proper size for harvest and are then packaged locally and sold in the Destiny Ranch fresh beef retail sales program.